About Us

Aslanlar Kumaş is a fabric production and supply company established in 2023. We aim to be a leader in the textile industry with our commitment to innovation and quality. We are determined to offer the best products and services to our customers with our wide product range and customer-oriented approach.


As Aslanlar Kumaş, our vision is to be a leading brand in the textile industry and to become a globally recognized name by acting with the principle of sustainability. We aim to be a force that directs the textile world by offering innovative and quality products to our customers.


Our mission is to meet the textile needs of our customers at the highest level by offering quality, diversity and reliability. At the same time, operating in an environmentally friendly manner and adding value to society by adhering to sustainable production principles is also part of our mission.

Our values

1. Quality: Our commitment to providing high quality products to our customers is the foundation of our business.

2. Customer Satisfaction: We focus on the needs of our customers and aim to exceed their expectations. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us.

3. Innovation: We have a passion for constantly developing new ideas and improving our products.

4. Sustainability: We adopt environmentally friendly production methods and remain committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner.

5. Ethical Business Conduct: We conduct our business based on the principles of honesty, transparency and justice.

Our Products and Services

As Aslanlar Kumaş, we have a wide range of products. Among the products we offer to our customers, there are many different fabric types such as honeycomb single jersey, double collection pique, single collection pique, bag interlock, mesh jacquard, double face fabric, steel interlock, interlock fabric single jersey, two thread fabric, three thread. fabric, rib fabric, camisole fabric, pique fabric, ottoman fabric, jacquard fabric, terry fabric and waffle fabric.

We also provide textile manufacturers with the necessary machinery for fabric production. We constantly develop and renew our products and services in order to provide a complete service to our customers. As Aslanlar Kumas, we are determined to offer the best to our customers with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.